Estimates and Bids

Q: How easily can I get a custom Bid from Copper Grill?

A: Easy, often clients who create customized menus or a la carte menus ask for a pricing estimate.  Copper Grill Catering will gladly accommodate any client requests for estimates but please be aware that an estimate sheet may not contain all fees that a client will accrue for the final bill. Most estimate sheets contain a per person food and beverage price based on the menu items inquired about by the client.  Estimates will not include tax, service and delivery charges, and additional services requested such as linen, china, additional staff, etc.  Unless a client specifies that they would like a complete total for the entire amount of the potential bill.  Please be aware that an estimate or bid sheet is not a bill, contract, or binding agreement of any kind between CGC and potential client.  After an estimate sheet is given the client may then choose to actually book their event upon which a signed contract is required as well as a deposit, only when those two actions are completed will a client be put on the schedule and their event executed accordingly.

Contract Agreement

Q: What type of Contract does Copper Grill have?

A: Every client who books with Copper Grill Catering is required to sign a Catering Contract provided by CGC.  The contract is signed by both the client and CGC and is then a binding agreement that holds both parties responsible for the catering event specified.

*Tax exempt organizations and school groups may have up-front deposit requirement waived if necessary, however arrangements need to be made with your event coordinator when you book your event and they can explain further.*


Q: Will I be required to put down a deposit? And if so how much?

A: Yes, all clients booking with CG Catering are required to pay a minimum deposit of 25% of their per person food and beverage total at time of booking your event.  All deposits will be applied towards the amount owed on your final bill.  Deposits can be refunded if a cancellation occurs, however the amount of the refund is dependent upon the date of cancellation.  All cancellations made sooner than the 7 days prior to the event date will receive 100% of their deposit back.  Cancellations made six days or less from the event date will only receive 50% percent of their deposit back.  Finally any cancellations made less than 48 hours prior to the event will not be given a refund.

*If your group number is greater than 200 people you may be asked to pay a higher up-front deposit percentage based on the items ordered. *

*If CGC has already ordered food supplies or other items requested by client and that amount is greater than their deposit they will be billed for any loses that CGC has sustained in ordering those supplies when a cancellation occurs. *


Q: How easy is it to get a customized menu for my event?

A: Our online menus are to serve as a guide in helping you plan your selections; however we also proudly offer customized menus for our client’s satisfaction.  CGC can create any combination of any of our menu items to give the client a menu with exactly what they want.  In some instances clients request a dish that is not on our regular menu and when able our executive chefs will be happy to accommodate their requests!  All menu items, whether selected or custom created will be priced on a per person scale.  Buffets will be charged the per person price times the number of guaranteed guests that they have listed on their contract.  CGC can give discounted prices for children.  Discount amount will be determined by ages of children and menu items selected.

Final Counts / Guaranteed Guests

Q: What if my number of guests change between now and the day of the event?

A: In order for CGC to ensure your event is a success, a final number of expected guests is required within 24 hours of the event date.  This is so that we can adequately prepare the correct amount of food and staff accordingly.  The final count given up to 24 hours prior to the event date is the minimum amount that client will be charged for.  If the client needs to increase their final number CGC will do everything possible to accommodate their increased number, however additional fees may apply.

Service Charges and Delivery

Q: Will there be a service charge or delivery fees?

A: Yes, a standard service charge of 18% will be applied to all catering events which includes delivery and up to 4 hours of service.

CGC Catering will provide staffing for your event based upon the following scale:

  • 1 server for every 50 guests for buffet meals
  • 1 server for every 24 guests for plated/china meals

Additional banquet servers, staff or attendants may be requested at any time for $25.00 per hour, per staff member with a minimum of 2 hours.

Centerpieces and Decorations

Q: Can Copper Grill help with decor items as well?

A: Yes, CGC also provides table linen, floral centerpieces and basic décor for the buffet and/or food serving tables; this is included in your menu pricing.  However we now offer a variety of additional décor services from specialty linens to floral arrangements and more to help you decorate your entire event room!  Ask your event coordinator for details.

Serving-ware and China Service

Q: What if I want to cater a formal dinner with china-ware?

A: All catered events include disposable plates, napkins, utensils, bowls, cups, etc…  However, we do offer china serving-ware if desired by the client. Pricing for china service is an additional $4.50 per person.  If a client would like plated courses for their guests it is required to use china service and additional staffing charges will apply.

Bartending Service and Liquor Service

Q: Can Copper Grill offer a full bar for my event?

A: Yes, CGC happily offers full bar set-up and bartender services to make us a one-stop-source for our clients needs!  All liquor-related events must be in compliance with The State of Utah Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control and all Utah state liquor laws.  CGC can provide clients with information about both as well as help you obtain a temporary liquor permit.  (Any client/organization requiring alcohol service must obtain a temporary liquor permit)

Bar Set-up and Bartender Pricing is as follows:

  • One bartender is required for every 50 patrons
  • Bartenders, cocktail servers, and cashiers (for cash bars) will be billed at $25.00 an hour, with a 2 hour minimum required.
  • Bar set-up prices are $200.00 per bar and include tables, ice, glassware, cocktail stirrers, napkins, and bar utensils (shakers, jiggers, pour spouts for liquor bottles, bottle openers, corkscrews, etc.)
  • A complete pricing and information sheet about any liquor services that CGC provides, as well as bar menu for mixers, garnishes, and specialty drinks can be obtained from your event coordinator.

Payment Policies and Billing

Q: What type of payment arrangements and obligations are involved with choosing Copper Grill?

A: The client/organization signing the contract is responsible for payment.  An itemized bill will be presented to the designated group contact before the event date; payment is due in full on or before the day of the event.  In some cases CGC will allow a 5-7 day grace period but only when arrangements are made prior to the event date with your event coordinator.  All requests for extended payment time will be considered on an individual basis, requests will not always be granted.

The Copper Grill Catering Company looks forward to personally helping you plan your event and making it a day your guests are sure to remember!  We guarantee that each and every client will be treated to exceptional customer service by our staff, that your food and beverages are of the highest quality at an amazing price, that we will always be on time and prepared for every event so that our clients can rest assured everything will be executed perfectly!  We have proudly served Utah residents for over 25 years and we know that once you experience Copper Grill Catering that you will then know what true Catering Excellence is!  Call one of our planners today and let’s get started!!

Questions? Please call or email today to get help from one of our knowledgeable Event Coordinators.

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